Our philosophy

The Kint Story was founded with a mission to reduce the ecological footprint the fashion industry has on our environment. We believe that we are able to love fashion in a sustainable and ethical way.

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sadcatshop x kint

This is a particularly meaningful collaboration for us. 

The clothes from this launch are provided by Vivian, a reader who had found out about us through an interview we did with Zaobao. A huge lover of clothes and fashion herself, she could not continue selling or wearing these clothes herself due to her health condition and reached out to us.

While we were there, she was fondly sharing the memories she had with these clothing. And while we can't do all that we can to help, we hope that modelling and giving these sentimental  pieces a new lease of life would be able to make her day.  

Not to mention, these lovely, girly, flirty pieces (and that eye-catching lovely Barbie dress) reminded us so much of Elisabeth of Sadcatshop that we knew rightaway that we had to get her to model for them in order to do them any justice. Thanks Lis for being such a sweetheart and a trooper throughout the entire shoot 💖

The proceeds will be shared with Vivian.