How to be a model in 2019?

The Kint Stories is a catalogue of articles that depicts the behind-the-scenes journey prior to every collection launch.  Today’s edition uncovers our very own modelling (mis)adventures and how we’ve figured out what it takes to be a model.

First and foremost, it’s 2019. Haven’t you heard that you don’t actually have to be a model to be a model? In this first edition, we’ve put together some modelling tips and a model measurements guide as we document this exciting journey. So here are some #tbt never-before-seen shots from back when we FIRST started modelling.  

How to Model 101:

1. Strike a Pose.  

Really, that’s all.  With Kint, you’re allowed to pose however you want, whichever way you want.  We just want you to be in your element, cause haven’t you heard? We’re all about making you feel good and comfortable in your own skin.  

….But sometimes it does come out a little awkward.  

2. Doesn't work? Nevermind, Just Smile. 

3. Spice Up Your Poses! 

We've come up with some interesting ones ourselves...


4. Be Creative!

There's no "right" way to wear an outfit, so if back-to-front looks sexier, why not?


5. Take Silly Pics, Make Memes, & Have Fun

They always say 0 to 100 Real Quick, but trust me, finding your groove takes awhile!


Guess we finally got there...

At Kint, we see strength in daring to be different, and beauty as being brave enough to step right outta that comfort zone. Just remember that there’s no such thing as a bad model - keep going, you’ll find your groove eventually!

This brings us to our next criteria - finding the right model body type.  Here are some model measurement guidelines that we adhere to:

CLOTHING SIZE: We honestly don’t care if you’re an XS or an L or an M on good days.  At The Kint Story, it’s not about being able to fit into clothes, but rather, finding the right clothes that fit you.  We just want to bring out the very best of you.

HEIGHT: What are the universal model height requirements again? Honestly, we don’t care if you’re 175cm or a petite 145cm.  There’s always something for you to model.

BUST: It’s not about whether you’ve got boobs or no boobs. It’s about finding something that fits so snugly that it doesn’t matter anymore.  

WAIST: I’m sure you’ve heard about the #A4WaistChallenge. Well, here at Kint, we don’t care if you’re an #A3, #A2 or an #A1.  In fact, your waist doesn’t have to fit into anything at all. We just wanna know so that our customers could gauge the fit of the item for themselves.

HIPS: Yeah, they don’t lie since Shakira said so.

At the end of the day, we believe that it's not about being small enough to fit into that skirt, or being able to pull off a certain look. Fitting into conventions is so last year. Stop letting your clothes tell you that you’re not good enough- that you don’t have curves in all the right places, or that life would be easier if your waist was a tad smaller, or your thighs a little thicc-er. There’s no singular definition of what it means to look good.  

At Kint, there’s more to it than being labelled as fashionable - we’re all about lookin’-good and feelin’-good - from our models to you guys - we just want you to know that you too, can feel confident in your own skin.  We celebrate diversity - so it doesn’t matter if you’re a plus or a minus, if you’re into loud patterns or vibrant colours; if you’re a Sherrie kind of quirky-cute, or a lil on the goth-lolita side like Megan.

Every item on Kint carries its own history, and every item could just be your very own story to tell ✨