As much as we enjoy watching Youtube thrifting hauls - and may even be inspired to embark on our own thrifting journeys to unearth whatever gems there are to find, we all know how much we value our convenience - and that for some of us, thrifting - no matter how lofty and exciting it may sound, just could never be anything more than a one-time wonder.  

Thrifting is all about finding interesting, unique items, often second-hand, at a lower price.  

But really though, we get it.  Part of the reason why fast fashion sells so well is because it’s cheap.  It’s low maintenance. And who doesn’t want a bang for their buck? We all just want to experiment with new things, try new styles, be bold, be brave.  Or it could just be one of those it’s not me, it’s you moments where we just fall out of love with things. 

In our process of finding the best items for you, we’ve discovered some pretty neat online IG thrift stores as well that are definitely worth your time and money: 

  • @sadcatshop - everything about this account is an ethereal dream; from its dainty, lacey pieces to its China-doll, silky nightgown dreamlike aesthetic.  Elisabeth first started selling clothes out of her own closet, and later started her own thrifting journey by selecting the best pieces from the thrift store and selling them on her Instagram.  
  • @blushpocket - featuring @tiredjoey’s very own thrift collection, which is quirky, cute and eclectic.  Joey was one of our curators, known for her kawaii, warm, pastel-toned aesthetic and distinct style.  This girl’s got great taste! And her thrift finds are definitely something you don’t wanna miss.  
  • @youpoppin -  This Pomelo-esque, Indonesian-based thrift store is every workaholic’s dream come true.  Sleek, classy pieces for your everyday groove.   
  • @littlereddotvintage - This thrift store seeks out authentic, vintage pieces from all around the world where you’ll be sure to find the most whimsical, unique dresses you never thought you’d find.  
  • We outgrow things, our style changes, we’re not the same people as we were yesterday, just as we can’t expect ourselves to love our clothes the same way as we did five years ago.  

    But just because you stop loving an item, doesn’t mean that its life has to end there right? Just like a breakup, your favorite skirt deserves someone better too.  

    Admittedly, the fast-fashion, throwaway culture makes it so hard for the thrift scene to thrive.  Sometimes we buy things on a love-at-first-sight basis when it’s all heart-shaped eyes and flurries of emotion, then we decide we don’t know how we could possibly style this top.  Sometimes you wear this top once and decide oh no, it really is a one-hit wonder.  But you don’t know what to do with it, because it’s new - so you stash it at the back of your wardrobe, along with your guilt.  Sometimes we just jump onto the bandwagon of things, without wondering where the bandwagon is heading - yeah, there’s only one direction -  out of season.  


    But it’s really no one’s fault to make these silly, frivolous purchases once in awhile - I mean after all, we’re just consumers, consumers with endless wants and endless desires - and shopping is just one of the many ways we seek to fulfill them.  But where do we go from here? 

    Truth is, not everything has to be sheepishly thrown away, or relentlessly shipped off to the closest donation booth, or tucked-away-until-your-closet-really-runs-out-of-storage space. 


    Just because you’ve fallen out of love with your preloved dress-of-3-outings or your jeans-of-2-years doesn’t mean it can’t be as good as new for someone else.   

    We need to stop judging clothes by how new or old they are, or how many times they’ve been worn, but instead by how wearable they still are, and how much longer their lifespan could be - if we all stopped shopping for just one second, and started wearing clothes from one another’s wardrobes instead.  You’ll still be surprised to see that there’d still be an infinite amount of outfit choices you could work - at a much lower cost, both to ourselves and to our Mother Earth.  


    P.S. There are so, so many other online thrift stores we didn't get to mention in this article but do check them out on Instagram with #thriftsg!