Our love for everything fast comes at a price. These days, the line between trendy and disposable has been blurred. Every so often, seasons change. With that, new and trendy clothing are being churned out to suit the look of that season. Often being sold at discounted prices, we equate the value of each new clothing to its price tag. Buying clothing for one-off occasions is now completely justified, and in our minds, the thought of wearing that piece of clothing more than a few times seems almost unimaginable. 

Yet, how often have we stopped to think about the true cost of our clothing?  

The decisions we make around the clothing we buy come at a cost that is far greater than what we know. From the poor working conditions of garment workers in sweatshops, to even the exploitation of child labour in order to produce clothing at rapid speeds- all these are done in order to fuel our need to look good in the latest clothing. Yet, there's more than enough clothing to go around, and coupled with the fact that fashion likes to recycle itself, do we actually need to have more resources being used to make new clothing? 

In this month of September, we are taking the #secondhandseptember pledge- to not buy any new clothing for this entire month, and if need be, to shop from secondhand clothing options. This new initiative is started by Oxfam, and super model Stella Tennant."It’s likely no coincidence that Oxfam has chosen to kick this off in September, when major labels will showcase their Spring/Summer 2020 collections in New York, London, Milan, and Paris." 

As part of this movement and to encourage more conscious consumption of clothing, we will be doing biweekly launches instead of weekly ones, so as to continue providing secondhand options. 

For the month of September, we are not asking you to make a complete change, to drop all your worldly possessions in protest of consumerism, or to join the fight against such labour exploitation. Rather, what we would like to ask of you is to just stop and think. As much as can't change the world, there are things that we can start changing.

If there's anything that you take away from reading this article, we hope it's knowing that while there are limits to what you can do, there's also a whole lot more that you can do and change than you imagine.

"Fast fashion isn't free. Somewhere, someone is paying the price" 

Find out more here: https://oxfamapps.org/secondhandseptember/