I’m sure we all know it and have been waiting for it - 11.11 is just around the corner! An event that’s marked on everyone’s calendar, this is one of the most exciting and biggest shopping events of the year where seemingly all online and offline stores are offering deals that are almost too good to be missed. 

However there’s a dark side to this that many of us are trying to deny or ignore- the sheer amount of resources needed to carry out this global event. Nobody, especially ourselves, want to feel bad for splurging on 11.11. We're pretty sure that nobody would be googling "how to buy less on 11.11" (and even if you did, it'll be a futile attempt). 

It’s undeniable that if there were one word that could properly describe the frenzy that happens on this day, it would most aptly be “impulsive”. Suddenly, you start feeling like you HAVE to get something new for yourself as well. Never ever thought you needed that red chunky knit sweater? Well, now you do, because when else are you going to get it at 60% off?

There’s two parts to the equation as to why events like 11.11 only grow in scale every year, and we form half of this equation. To put it more bluntly, nobody is forcing you to buy anything. 

We like to think that the problem arises when we get lost amidst those advertisements designed to steal your attention (and money). However, the people behind these ads are just doing what they were hired for. As a matter of fact, we’ve been there ourselves too before we started Kint, and so we know the amount of work that goes behind the scenes before an ad is pushed out.

That seemingly innocent ad that you just saw probably took months of analysis over countless meetings and long nights- all just to settle on the colour scheme and which products to finally feature. That’s a whole team’s hard work that we’re not trying to downplay here. 

But wait, before you go off and think that we’re just here to preach- hold your horses because that’s not the purpose of this post. 

We’re not gonna be the ones to ask you to turn off all notifications on 11.11- it is a great day to buy items which you have been eyeing, items which you know you need. What we're asking for is for you to to more deliberate. Because if we don’t, the amount of waste that we’re going to create on this day will be of a scale that is completely unnecessary or scarily irreversible.  

Being a secondhand store, we are in a pretty unique situation. While we don’t want to offer sales just for the sake of it, we would also like to be able to offer a second-hand option for items that you are eyeing for this 11.11. We want to be able to remind everyone that there are always alternatives out there but we never want to create more waste. 

As such, on our first ever 11.11, we want to let YOU decide if this is a sale worth having or not. From now till midnight, we will be having a poll on our Instagram so this is your chance to cast your votes and let us know what we should do next. 

Whether you guys decide if we should have a sale or not, either way we hope that this would be a step forward in creating this culture of deliberateness to remind ourselves that we do have a say- especially on days like 11.11 :-)