Little Mao

$19 $26

Pls agree w me that this is Mao Zedong vibbin!!!! Had a phase where I thought the communist soldier outfit was p cool


BRAND: Bershka


Shoulder 50cm, Bust 55cm, Waist 55cm, Length 45cm


HUMAN INFO: Esther is 148cm tall, a EU 36 for both top and bottom. Body sizing: 30" bust, 24" waist, 35" hips.

Now it is your time to sell. With The Kint Story, we want to build a community for girls to feel comfortable selling and buying from each other. 

We want you to share your love for fashion in a fun, unique & personal way.

What to sell?

This is the time to sort through your closet to find that few items that you know deserves a new home. Since The Kint Story curates what goes online, choosing items that eventually won’t sell will be a waste of your time. 

Do a quick scan on these items and make sure they are in good condition.

What we reject

At The Kint Story we want to create that same experience people have when they shop on any other fashion e-commerce. We reject any items that are out of style and/or in poor condition. Of course, we also understand that fashion is subjective and to each his/her own. This is why a general rule of thumb is to ask yourself “is this outfit something I want to be seen in?” if you answer is “OMG YES?!” then list them, hun.


All photos should be modelled and sellers should display the item as accurately as possible. Do take the photos in SQUARE whenever possible and submission should include the following:

  1. Front Shot (Full body shot)
  2. Slide shot (yes, you can choose your better side for this one)
  3. Back shot (to bring the sexy back)
  4. Detail shot (to highlight the texture)
  5. Optional Detail shot(s) (any intricate details, any defects, any you want people to notice)

Our thrift queen has a really great video to teach you how to take photos so if you are keen to learn more, click here.


The second-hand clothing listed on The Kint Story all come from different brands, that all have their own sizing charts. Hence we need to measure each one of them and recorded them under "Measurements".

We've made a template for you guys so it will be easier to understand. Download the file and make a copy of it in your google drive that you are submitting to us. Click here. 

Human Info

We will also require our models to take their measurements so that buyers will have an accurate understanding on how the item will fit on them. 

Models will have to provide the following measurements: 

  1. Height 
    2. Bust
    3. Waist
    4. Hips 
    5. Wears a US Size _

 Pricing your item

To ensure consistency in price, sellers are encouraged to price their items using the following formula

Price = Category x Condition x Brand x Uniqueness.

The detailed mechanics can be found here.

Condition Assessment

We understand that secondhand clothing may come with some wear and tear. To ensure transparency, we have meticulously assessed each piece of clothing for these 5 signs:

  1. Fading (colour is not as vibrant)
  2. Stains
  3. Snagged threads
  4. Holes
  5. Lint balls

Consignment fees

To help us keep this marketplace running, we will be charging a consignment fee for every item sold.

The Kint Story will take a 18% consignment fees on item $25 and below and 15% for item above $25. 

Submission for sellers

We will be listing these items on a weekly/ biweekly basis. You will be notified when your items will be waitlisted for the drop and when your listing goes live.

Once your item is sold

Once your item is sold, you will receive a notification to ship out the item within 7 days. Shipping fees will have to be covered by sellers and they should provide a photo of proof when the item has is shipped out and update The Kint Story once they have shipping out the item. Should the buyer request for registered mail, you will be notified and paid accordingly.

When will I receive the payment?

When one of your items is purchased, you will receive your payout within as soon as 31days or the following month end, which ever that is later. Payment will be made to you via the following payment options:

  1. Paylah! 
  2. Paynow

Ready to sell? 

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